Pi Feng-Chopping Seal

BASIC PRACTICE # 5 -Pi Feng- Chopping Seal

Pi Feng is translated as Chopping Seal. Another description for the method is “Double Flag Waving Step”. The term seal refers to covering the body, or sealing off any leaks in one’s position. In martial arts, whenever we leave an opening for attack it is called a leak. As with all Six Harmony methods, Pi Feng is both an offensive and defensive technique. To an untrained eye, it appears that the practitioner is waving his hands from side to side.

1) Start from a relaxed position with the right leg forward. Draw the left arm forward across the front of the body. As you do this, the palm will turn inward, using Nei Chan Si Jing. The right arm is still relaxed, with the hand down near the hips in front.

2) The right hip sinks (chen) and opens (meng qua) while the right arm lifts to slightly above the shoulders.

3) The right arm splits out in a long arc horizontally from left to right.

4) The right hand continues to split out and arc down along the right side of the body. From this position you proceed to do the same technique in the opposite direction.

Key Points:

  • The energy for execution of this technique comes from the qua.
  • This involves dropping one side of the qua while lightening the other (Yi Si- One Side Empty).
  • The movement has a slight bouncing quality, as if there were a ball bouncing from one side of the hip across the midsection to the other.
  • The energy, in addition to moving up and down, also circles from front to back.
  • There is a figure eight quality to the qua movement.
  • The arm and hand movements need to be long and extended.