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Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts is a holistic practice (body, heart, intellect) and for this reason we need clear conceptual understanding of not just the physical movements but also the energetic forces required for the execution of skilful technique. Because of this the students are introduced to the first and most necessary principles of force and attention. They represent the father and the mother of all other energetic forces.


Chief Instructor Scott Ripke

40 Years Experience

Early Thunder Blog

Gun, Zuan, Zheng, Gou – Rolling, Drilling, Striving, Encircling

Gun, Zuan, Zheng, Gou – Rolling, Drilling, Striving, Encircling The terminology is borrowed from the Ba Gua system. These four words are used as a reference for variations of Jin (force). There are four separate energies, which flow sequentially from the inside to the outside door of the body. As an example refer to the …

Pi Feng-Chopping Seal

BASIC PRACTICE # 5 -Pi Feng- Chopping Seal Pi Feng is translated as Chopping Seal. Another description for the method is “Double Flag Waving Step”. The term seal refers to covering the body, or sealing off any leaks in one’s position. In martial arts, whenever we leave an opening for attack it is called a …



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